Representation of tenant’s interests

The key success factor for retail business is its location. The ability to identify the best object location, to find all potentially suitable premises and to make the appraisal of profitability of the retail space under consideration is of primary importance for the retailer as all the above is directly relevant to the practical result, that is the business-generated revenues. That is exactly why, when representing the tenants’ interests, Menka professionals use the custom-tailored approach to the problems and do their best so as the characteristics of the selected trading spaces be in the best conformity with the company’s business strategy and financial objectives.

Our services:

  • Development of the optimal retail facilities location strategy.
  • Market analysis for finding of all potential trading spaces according to the location strategy.
  • Selection of retail property objects for rent.
  • Representation of tenant’s interests in the phase of negotiations with the object owner, assistance in stipulation of all essential terms and conditions of transaction.
  • Representation of tenant’s interests during the validity period of lease agreement (issues of extension to lease agreement, re-agreement of lease terms and conditions and return of leased spaces are included).
  • Audit of current lease terms (financial analysis of existing lease terms as compared with the market alternative proposals is included).