Retail networks in Belarus in 2016

The analytical center of Menka Company in the spring of 2016 conducted a research of plans for the development of international and republican retail networks, present at the Belarusian market.
The purpose of this research is to determine the plans for the development of large network retailers of Belarus for 2016, as well as to identify the peculiarities of entry of the international brands into the Belarusian market. Achieving this goal allowed evaluating how active the retail chains are in the market in 2016; to identify the problems associated with entry into the Belarusian market, and, ultimately, to identify trends in this area, typical for the Belarusian market.
A telephone survey was used as a method of research. 256 representatives of large network retailers of Belarus were interviewed.

Qualitative analysis of the results allowed revealing the tendency connected with the fact that network retailers use different methods of the price category positioning. In Belarus, positioning can be aligned both in reference to the franchisor, and in reference to understanding of their position in the market. Moreover, the price category of a brand can not be problematized by its management. Thus, the price category can be determined based on various grounds, which makes it difficult to analyze the objective distribution of price categories of network retailers. In this case, positioning of own price segment by the brand itself is a subjective factor that allows evaluating the features of brand policy. While Belarusian retailers determine their price segment in the “medium” and “medium plus” categories, the lower price segments remain freer for positioning. Reed more…