Investment consulting

Menka is a leading national consulting company active on the retail trade and retail property markets. The excellent knowledge of market enables the experts of the company’s Investment and Financial Markets Department to find and analyze the investment-level retail property objects and bring together the market of capitals and the retail property market.

Amid the drastic reduction in the financial resources supply on the market, a team of Menka professional consultants has developed the unique fund raising methods and models according to the needs of the retail trade and retail property markets players.

The package of works performed by Menka in the field of investment consulting includes the following:

  • Due diligence of fund raising transactions.
  • Development (improvement) of financial strategy and financial management structure and system.
  • Optimization of existing financing schemes.
  • Debt financing or enticement of strategic investor into the retail property objects and property development projects.
  • Elaboration of necessary documentation for fund raising: business plans, feasibility study for investment projects and programs, preparation of investment memorandum.
  • Representation of customer’s interests in the phase of negotiations and transaction arrangement.