Management of retail facilities

Upon completion of all works related to construction and improvement of the real property object, the object operational stage starts. Just at this stage, the developer’s revenues are generated and this is the stage that in the long run determines the overall efficiency of the developer’s project.

According to Menka experts, the elaborated retail property management strategy is the keystone of financial success and the sustained operation of facilities. Only the strategy in the basis of which the high-performance technologies in the sphere of the trade centre management are laid down will provide the daily qualitative and efficient trade centre operation, as well as the attraction of visitors through the competent market promotion of facilities. This will enable to balance the interests of owner and tenants.

The stable high cash flows from the retail facilities and the well-functioning auxiliary services and processes — all these are the indicators of complete professionalism in the retail property management.

We know how to achieve this.

A list of services on the retail property object management and the management company operation is given below:

  • Development of the retail facilities management strategy (recommendations on operation of structural services and recommendations on agreements and instructions for tenants are included).
  • Elaboration of plan of measures aimed at the maintenance of the retail property object and gain of its market value.
  • Setting the facilities budget and control of its execution.
  • Organization of technical maintenance of facilities, security and cleaning.
  • Assessment of the management company operation efficiency.
  • Selection of Management Company.
  • Specialist training.