Retail property selling, purchasing and renting services

Menka provides professional consulting services on selection of land plots for construction of retail facilities and arrangement of transactions with different-type retail property, starting with unit stores and ending with large shopping centres on Belarus’ market.

Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of market and the acquired expertise and having an extensive database of land plots, operating retail facilities and shopping premises, as well as retail facilities and shopping premises under construction in Minsk and in the regions of Belarus, the experts of Menka are ready to provide the most accurate information.

Services rendered by Menka include:

  • Marketing research.
  • Selection of site (land plot) for construction of retail facilities based on the highest and best use facilities analysis.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Assessment of the plot market value.
  • Selection of premises for rent or purchase.
  • Representation of lessors’ interests.
  • Representation of tenants’ interests.
  • Representation of customer’s interests in the phase of negotiations and transaction arrangement.