Market research and analytics

The specifics of the retail trade and retail property market cannot be left out of account and the complexity of work on it cannot be overestimated. The success will favour only those who know the peculiarities, specifics and versatility of this market and master the exhaustive and qualitative information about it.

The specialization of Menka in the retail trade and retail property market commits us to know perfectly well this market and forecast its development, to be the first in obtaining and mastering of the exact and timely information about the market and, above all, to efficiently use this unique and accumulated information in the projects of our customers.

Menka is ready to offer:

  • Both global analysis of real estate market and analysis with the due account for the individual business needs.
  • Market analysis to estimate or define the successful project implementation on the market (determination of supply/ demand for retail property in a designated region, financial, political and other aspects are included).
  • Regular surveys and analytics regarding the retail trade and retail property market including the forecasts of its development.
  • Analysis of market (region/town) for determination of its investment attractiveness.