Strategic consulting

The well-established strategy, that is, the business development trends selected by the company with the exact determination of global goals and clear understanding how to accomplish them, form the basis of business administration. When a company is active on the retail trade and retail property markets, the availability of such a strategy for it is a vital requirement.

The successfully implemented projects, stable maximum financial figures, high competitiveness and, on the whole, the company’s strong position on this market are the major indicators of evaluation of the qualitative strategy.

And more… The sound situation for the successfully developing business is when, in addition to all of the above, this business demonstrates the availability and professional mastering of modern management technologies. Then, this is a guaranteed stable success!

Menka with its focused specialization only in the retail trade and retail property markets has the competitive advantages first of all in the matters of mastering of the up-to-date and complete information on the current market situation, market trends and prospects. The professional analytics will enable to provide the exact and reliable recommendations for those who are on the threshold of taking important strategic decisions.

Menka offers services on strategic consulting in the following fields:

— City planning

— Retail property

Retail trade