Representation of owners’ interests

The process of tenants’ selection is the most complicated and strategically important on the retail property market. Therefore, Menka professionals devote special attention to representation of interests of retail facilities owners and our services are oriented to satisfaction of their needs.

  • Professional consultations and tracking at all stages of project implementation.
  • Development of trading space leasing strategy with its subsequent realization.
  • Marketing promotion of retail facilities.
  • Tracking of the trading space lease agreement conclusion.
  • Consultations on the issues of all essential lease agreement terms and conditions.
  • Development of the tenants’ keeping strategy or increase of effectiveness of their keeping.
  • Trading space optimization.
  • Representation of owners’ interests during the validity period of lease agreement (issues of extension to agreement, change of agreement conditions, return of leased spaces, tenant replacement and buy-out of lease agreement on the initiative of the lessor/ tenant are included).